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Fishing in Vendée

Fishing in Vendée with the line: The Lake of Apremont is the biggest lake of dam of Vendée with its 167 hectares, it stretches on 10 km long. Of all the Vendeen lakes, it is the one that has the longest night run to indulge in carp fishing. The dam of Apremont is a dam built in 1966, located in the town of Apremont, on the course of Life.It is a public barrier lake, managed by the AAPPMA Brem de la Vie.

With an area of ​​167 hectares for 3.8 million m³ of water.And whose funds hardly reach the 7m deep.Vous enjoy: The many access throughout the lake.Le Parc carpe de nuit.The population in Abundant white fish. Large specimens of predators.

pêche près du camping

Fishing in Vendée on foot (seashells) But you can also do like many holidaymakers, who love to go fishing on foot in Gois or on the island of Noirmoutier.Par cons, to be harvested, the animals must have reached a minimum size according to the species.Same only certain tools are allowed to practice fishing on foot.Ex for shellfish: – The claw (called “grapette” or “hand scraper”) and the shellfish scraper composed at their end at most 3 teeth over a maximum width of 10 cm. And having a diameter of 7 millimeters and not having a means of restraint such as a fence.- The burrow, without tooth or 3 teeth maximum, and a maximum width of 6 cm.- The knife and similar- Spade fork and shell fork (5 teeth max) _ Cooking utensils: soup spoon or forkSee dedicated website for more information.

As for Jean-Paul, he accompanies the campers once in July and once in August, according to the schedules and days of high tides.Thus, they leave together for the day at the gois and the island of Noirmoutier.C ‘ is an opportunity for some to discover this activity.
And for all to spend good time with family and enjoy at the end of the day, the shells all together.Huîtres, raw or stuffed, clams, periwinkles.Then, all the volunteers prepare together the picking in the good mood, and then, if you want to participate, you need to bring your : caps, rain gear eventually, good shoes not fragile or boots, sunscreen, picnic, drink … To know the schedules of tides, click on the link or the photo. So if you feel like it, contact us at 02 51 54 48 08 or make your reservation on our site taking advantage of our special offers

Pêche au Gois


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